extensible, framework agnostic JSON API platform for Node.js

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Facet Core

Base object that provides common functionality and gets extended by the other facet modules. Core offers access to the following functionality:

  • Abstration of middleware specific code for framework agnostic use
  • Handling of request/response lifecycle
  • Built in CRUD functionality via find, findOne, create, update, delete functions for any resource you create
  • Management of event bus (aka Intercom) used for decoupled module communication


"use strict";
var util = require('util'),
  ApiCore = require('facet-core').ApiCore;

var ProductAPI = function ( options ){};

 * Product API inherits from Core API
util.inherits(ProductAPI, ApiCore);

// query.conditions, query.fields, and query.options 
// are regular mongoose queries
var query = {
  conditions: {name: 'Cool Item'},
  fields: '',
  options: {
    lean: true

// FacetApiCore.find() is a wrapper for mongoose's find(), same 
// with findOne(), create(), remove() and update()
ProductAPI.find(query, successCb, errorCb);
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